Moving to Bethesda? A New Residents Guide to Bethesda, Maryland

You don’t have to travel far to the Northwest of Washington, DC to get to Bethesda, Maryland.

Bethesda is a beautiful and historically rich urban center with just over 63,000 residents and is known as a medical hub that is also overflowing with incredible cuisine, arts, music, and talents.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know as a new or future resident of Bethesda, Maryland and if you are considering moving to Bethesda, check out the latest Bethesda real estate.

Bethesda, Maryland is a Medical Marvel

If you’re in the healthcare industry then Bethesda is the place to be. There are top-notch, world-renowned facilities such as the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and the National Institute of Health Clinical Research Center.

Whether you want to work on the latest medical breakthroughs, with the best medical technology, or with some of the best trained medical professionals, Bethesda has all this and more to offer.

Suburbian Hospital is known for its stellar nursing staff. It has high ranking performance in knee and hip replacements. It is also a leader in heart failure treatment.

Many political leaders have trusted Walter Reed with their own healthcare needs. This includes serious medical intervention for cancer. Cancer surgery was performed here on President Ronald Regan in 1985 and 1987 and on First Lady Nancy Regan in 1987.

Educational Excellence

Bethesda truly is filled with smarty pants. It has been called the smartest urban center in America. This doesn’t just mean stimulating conversations and a concentrated think-tank community. It also ensures education is a priority in the area.

Whether you are a young family looking to raise children here or are pursuing your own post-secondary education dreams, Bethesda is a great place to do it.

Bethesda-Chevy Chase high school is considered by most in the field as the best secondary school in the nation. Education is a priority at every level and will be of top quality right from pre-school to Doctorate.

Dream Home for Foodies

When chefs like Jose Andres set up their kitchen in town, you know it’s a foodie’s dream place to be. There are restaurants and dishes to satisfy even the most particular of palettes. You’ll find dishes from every corner of the earth and every level of sophistication possible.

If you’re looking for traditional ethnic foods from some exotic land or are missing a taste of home, Bethesda offers incredible options of culinary delights.

The Creative Side of Bethesda

It’s not all about politics and science. There’s tons of arts and culture to make you fall in love with Bethesda as well.

Concert halls, theatres, music facilities, and a writer’s center all add to the beauty and talent that fills Bethesda.

Strathmore Music Center and Mansion

This beautiful facility is host to not only incredible musical presentations. It also holds family festivals, summer camps, art exhibitions, musical concerts, and much more.

There are musical performances of every genre. There’s sure to be something to get every member of your family singing their appreciation for the arts.

Folk, blues, jazz, pop, and classical music presentations are available throughout the year. Celebrities and talents from around the world stop to share their gift of music and art with Bethesda.

Imagination Stage

If you are looking to entertain the young and young at heart then you won’t be disappointed at the Imagination Stage.

It is a hub of creative and theatrical talent and inspiration. Created in 1979 by the Bethesda Academy of Performing Arts their latest facility offers six classrooms, a cafe/gift shop, two theaters and a state of the art digital media studio.

The arts are brought to life for everyone at every stage of their life through the BAPA and their innovative and inspired Imagination Stage facilities and programs.

Coming and Going in Bethesda

The great thing about Bethesda is that you have all the entertainment, excitement and energy of a big city. You are also close enough to huge metropolis areas (Washington, DC & Baltimore) that expanded nightlife or business opportunities are only minutes away.

You also get the comfort and appeal of a small suburban area. Bethesda has its own family-friendly, close-knit community that exudes excellence. There’s the best of everything from art and music to education and medical research.

No matter what industry your career is in, there is an area of excellence close to home where you can build a satisfying and extraordinary career that is not limited by opportunities or options.

Public Transit & Transportation Options

If you’re environmentally conscious and prefer public transit to driving everywhere you go then Bethesda has got you covered here too. There is a local Bethesda circulator that has 22 local stops and is free to use.

There are also several metro stops located in Bethesda for the DC metro system which will quickly and easily get you into the heart of Washington, Northern Virginia, or anywhere you need to be in Maryland as far as New Carrollton (or even Baltimore via MARC train).

Ridesharing is a big business in Bethesda, with plenty of options. Both Uber and Lyft operate in Bethesda, and can easily get you from point A to point B. Currently, Montgomery County Government is conducting a test pilot for electric bikes and scooters. Thus, this could add to the transportation options for Bethesda residents in the near future.

The plethora of options for transit allows for an easier commute if you do need to drive somewhere. Washington, DC and surrounding areas are accessible with ease from the Bethesda area. However, it wouldn’t be honest of us to not mention that the 495 Beltway can be congested during rush hours (both in the morning and ride back commute). Thus, if you are planning on commuting via car extra time should be planned for.

There’s No Place Like Home

If you are blessed enough to now call Bethesda, Maryland home then you may already know some of the benefits we’ve discussed but there is so much more to discover and appreciate about your new community.

It takes time to feel comfortable after relocating to a new place but when a place has as much to offer and as many positive aspects as Bethesda does, it makes that transition a lot easier for everyone.

If you are considering moving to or within Bethesda or another area around Washington, DC be sure to get in touch with us today so we can help you make your real estate goals a reality.



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