Best New Restaurants in Logan Circle, Washington DC

Did you know that over 601,000 people call Washington D.C. home?

If you’re considering the move or currently live in Washington D.C., one of the top places to check out is Logan Circle.

In this article, you’ll discover some of the top restaurants located there. Read on to discover the excellent food scene in Washington D.C. and why so many call it home.

1. Le Diplomate

If you’re searching for an incredible French Bistro, you won’t want to miss out on Le Diplomate.

Don’t forget to check out the raw bar and order specialties such as the frites with aioli. You’ll want to reserve ahead since this restaurant is incredibly popular in the D.C. area.

1601 14th St NW, Washington, D.C., 20009

2. Compass Rose

Compass Rose is a celebration of food from around the world.

Whether you’re looking for Malaysian or Peruvian, they have you covered.

Don’t miss out on trying the khachapuri, which is cheese-filled bread with a poached egg.

1346 T St., NW, Washington, D.C., 20009

3. The Commodore Public House & Kitchen

The Commodore is a great place to relax with your dog out on the dog-friendly patio and grab a great meal.

You can get chicken wings with brisket tot-chos, or a burger with bourbon mayo. This restaurant is bar food meets Southern that you’ll have to see to believe.

1100 P St NW, Washington, D.C., 20005

4. The Dabney

How about experiencing colonial-style cooking?

The Dabney has a colonial-style hearth along with 19th-century cookbooks.

You can order fried eggs with buttermilk biscuits, pork belly, or sweet potato rolls with pepper jelly.

122 Blagden Alley, NW, Washington, D.C., 20001

5. Da Hong Pao Restaurant and Bar

The owner, Jerry Chen, first started Yum’s II, which is a takeout place next door.

When you’re looking for Dim Sum, you won’t want to miss out on the Da Hong Pao Restaurant and Bar.

1409 14th St NW, Washington, D.C., 20005

6. Estadio

If you’re looking to make a reservation at Estadio, you’ll have to do it before 6:00 pm.

When you enter Estadio, you’ll feel like you’re in Spain with the glass wine vessels and the charcuterie station.

You can eat right at the marble bar and enjoy the view of the kitchen.

1541 14th St., NW, Washington, D.C., 20005

7. Table

Table is one of the most popular restaurants in the D.C. area.

If you’re looking for variety, you’ll be happy to know the menu is constantly updated by season. The menu changes based on the freshest ingredients available.

You can watch your food being prepared thanks to the exhibition kitchen while you relax and enjoy the wooden accents around the restaurant.

903 N St. NW, Washington, D.C., 20001

8. Etto

Who doesn’t love Italian food, especially one of the best in the area?

Nearly everything served here is made from scratch as well. They even have a wooden mill in the back where the flour is ground.

They have different daily specials you can enjoy. One of the daily specials they’ve had is roasted leeks with prosciutto and Gorgonzola.

1541 14th St., NW, Washington, D.C., 20005

9. Kinship

Chef Eric Ziebold from CityZen is now at Kinship.

You can grab a booth by the bar and enjoy a roast chicken, or you can come in for an $80 Ossetra caviar and potato chips meal.

The buttery Parker House rolls that were popular at CityZen are available at Kinship as well.

1015 Seventh St NW, Washington, D.C., 20001

10. 14th Street Cafe Asian Bistro

Whether you want delivery, take-out, or to dine-in, the 14th Street Cafe has you covered.

You can enjoy Chinese-American classics and Sichuan specialties. You can enjoy the delicious Sichuan style beef noodle stew brims with protein and pepper flakes.

1416 14th St NW, Washington, D.C., 20005

11. Benitos Place

Benitos Place has a variety of food from Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, and Honduras.

You definitely won’t want to miss the Honduran fried chicken served with huge fried plantains, cabbage slaw, and pickles.

1437 11th St NW, Washington, D.C., 20001

12. Stoney’s

Stoney’s is a great place to go for some delicious grilled cheese.

The super grilled cheese has tomato, onion, and bacon on two thick pieces of white bread.

1433 P St NW, Washington, D.C., 20005

13. Ted’s Bulletin

For an experience like no other filled with nostalgia, head to Ted’s Bulletin.

You can order pop tarts with icing, grilled cheese with a bowl of tomato soup, or milkshakes. Don’t forget to check out brunch on the weekend as well.

1818 14th St NW, Washington, D.C., 20009

14. The Royal

If you’re looking for a delicious breakfast, head over to The Royal — a coffee shop with breakfast options.

You can choose from a runny egg with avocado or a pinwheel pastry with Nutella.

At night, you can check out the different drinks the bartenders have available. You can also get small plates. You can try out the Newburn which is cinnamon, cardamom, tamarind, and Scotch mixed together.

501 Florida Ave., NW, Washington, D.C., 20001

15. Doi Moi

Check out this southeastern restaurant called Doi Moi in Logan Circle.

You can experience Thai and Vietnamese meals at this location. You can enjoy crab fried rice or one of their other flavorful dishes.

1800 14th St. NW, Washington, D.C., 20009

Have Fun Dining in Logan Circle

When you’re looking to dine in Logan Circle, there’s plenty to experience no matter your palate.

It’s clear to see why so many move to the D.C. area with so many amenities and great places to eat.

Are you looking to move to D.C.?

Contact us today and we will make sure you find the home of your dreams.



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