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Best Neighborhoods in Baltimore & Best Baltimore MD Suburb [2024 Guide]

There’s a reason the city of Baltimore, MD is known as Charm City. Each of its 200+ unique neighborhoods offers a unique ambiance, and we’re here to help you find your ideal place to call home.

Baltimore is a big city that can feel like taking a step back in time to a small town its residents even sometimes call it “Smalltimore.” Many people who work in nearby D.C., young professionals living in Baltimore, and those who want to enjoy city life without losing the feeling of being part of a community love the atmosphere of Charm City and its surrounding areas. Its restaurants, small breweries, and cool museums also help make it one of the best places to live.

The Best of Baltimore Fun Facts about Charm City

  • Founded way back in 1729, Baltimore sits in close proximity to the Chesapeake Bay, about an hour’s drive from Washington, D.C., and two hours from Philadelphia.
  • It has around 570,000 residents, this bustling east coast city is Maryland’s biggest, and about 2.4 million people live in the whole area around Baltimore.
  • Most of the people who live here are younger, with an average age of about 35 — three years younger than the national average.
  • Baltimore covers an area of 92 square miles, which is about the same as Toledo, Ohio, and less than half the size of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Why You’ll Love Living in Baltimore

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, the Baltimore area is more affordable than most major cities in the U.S. If you want to buy a house, you’ll find much more affordable options here compared to nearby Washington, D.C., and there are many beautiful old houses to pick from. Most people in Baltimore rent their homes instead of buying, which means you’ll fit right in if you’re renting, too. 

It’s also easy to make your way around Baltimore, thanks to some of the best public transportation options, including the Charm City Circulator (a free downtown bus system), electric scooters and bikes available throughout the city for a small fee, and the MTA bus service with more than 60 bus routes from the suburbs to downtown Baltimore. Plus, you’ll find that many areas feature good walkability.

While one of the city’s many neighborhoods likely has exactly what you’re looking for, it can feel overwhelming! For expert local guidance, you can connect with one of our ONE Street agents here. For now, we’ve curated the five best contenders to get you started on your search. 

The Best Neighborhood in Baltimore For You


Canton, situated in the southeastern reaches of Baltimore, stands out as a family-friendly gem among the city’s neighborhoods. It’s known for its beautiful waterfront setting and the harmonious mix of traditional and modern residences.

Encompassing both Waterfront Park and Patterson Park, Canton caters to outdoor enthusiasts with ample recreational spaces. At the heart of the neighborhood lies Canton Square, a bustling hub with boutique shops, bars, and restaurants.

Canton’s secure living environment, strong sense of community, and convenient access to public schools make it appealing to young families. Public transportation options, including bus routes, enhance accessibility. Meanwhile, the waterfront promenade offers a picturesque setting for leisurely strolls or cycling.

  • Median Monthly Rent: $2,500
  • Median Home Sale Price: $349,500
  • Location: Southeast Baltimore, along the waterfront
  • Attractions: O’Donnell Square, Canton Waterfront Park, Canton Crossing
  • Ideal For: Young professionals and families seeking waterfront living and urban amenities.
  • Advantages: Scenic waterfront vistas, vibrant nightlife, diverse dining experiences.
  • Drawbacks: Limited parking availability, heightened housing demand.

Ellicott City

Nestled in Howard County, Ellicott City is known for its good schools and reasonable rental rates. Steeped in history, this area offers abundant recreational opportunities amidst its historic single-family homes boasting spacious yards and multiple bedrooms.

B&O Ellicott City Station Museum and Clark’s Elioak Farm feature fun educational experiences for visitors of all ages. Renowned for its safety, Ellicott City offers a tranquil suburban lifestyle, offering respite from the hustle and bustle of urban living.

While not a solid option if you’re looking to live close to public transportation, the neighborhood enjoys excellent connectivity via major thoroughfares such as I-70 and Route 40, making it an ideal choice for car owners.

  • Median Monthly Rent: $2,133
  • Median Home Sale Price: $575,000
  • Location: Southwest of Baltimore, nestled in Howard County
  • Points of Interest: Historic Main Street and Patapsco Valley State Park
  • Ideal For: Families and individuals seeking a suburban lifestyle
  • Advantages: 19th-century architecture, charming antique shops, family-friendly ambiance, natural splendor
  • Drawbacks: High home prices and cost of living, limited public transportation options

Federal Hill

Offering sweeping vistas of the skyline and Inner Harbor, Federal Hill is a great option to call home. 

Nestled south of downtown Baltimore, this vibrant locale presents a blend of historic row houses, upscale condos, and modern apartments. Notable cultural draws include the American Visionary Art Museum and Cross Street Market.

While generally safe, exercising caution during late hours is prudent, typical of urban settings. Transportation options are plentiful, with accessible bus lines and the Charm City Circulator simplifying commutes. Moreover, its proximity to I-95 facilitates convenient city exploration for residents with vehicles.

  • Median Monthly Rent: $2,133 
  • Median Home Sale Price: $180,000 – $950,000
  • Location: South Baltimore, overlooking Inner Harbor
  • Attractions: Federal Hill Park, Cross Street Market, waterfront allure
  • Ideal For: Young professionals
  • Advantages: Lively nightlife, downtown proximity, scenic waterfront views
  • Drawbacks: Sparse green spaces, parking challenges

Fells Point

Nestled within Baltimore’s rich tapestry of neighborhoods, Fells Point (sometimes subdivided to include Upper Fells Point) stands out for its captivating blend of historic charm and modern conveniences. Renowned for its well-preserved architectural heritage, Fells Point also boasts a vibrant culinary scene with numerous taverns and restaurants serving delectable Chesapeake Bay delicacies like crab and oysters.

The area’s shopping scene is equally enticing, offering a mix of quaint local shops and renowned brands, both in Fells Point and neighboring Harbor East. With its convenient location near the Jones Falls Expressway and public transportation options, Fells point offers convenient connections to nearby areas.

  • Median Monthly Rent: $2,360
  • Median Home Sale Price: $385,000
  • Location: Southeast Baltimore, along the harbor
  • Points of Interest: Broadway Square, Thames Street, Fells Point Historic District
  • Ideal For: Young professionals and individuals seeking historic charm, vibrant nightlife, and a lively waterfront atmosphere.
  • Advantages: Cobblestone streets, maritime history, cultural diversity, vibrant nightlife scene
  • Drawbacks: Weekend crowds, limited parking availability, potential noise levels

Mount Vernon

Widely acclaimed as Baltimore’s cultural epicenter, Mount Vernon exudes a rich tapestry of history and diversity. Once renowned as the city’s primary gay village in the 1970s, Mount Vernon today is celebrated for its well-preserved historic district featuring majestic mansions, churches, and other 19th-century edifices.

Offering a diverse range of housing options, including Victorian row homes, carriage houses, modern condos, and towering high-rises, Mount Vernon attracts a mix of professionals, artists, and students, fostering a dynamic and inclusive community. The neighborhood benefits from excellent connectivity via bus routes and the Charm City Circulator, facilitating easy access to downtown and major highways.

  • Median Monthly Rent: $1,450
  • Median Home Sale Price: $282,750
  • Location: Central Baltimore, just north of downtown
  • Points of Interest: Washington Monument, Walters Art Museum, Mount Vernon Place
  • Ideal For: Professionals, artists, and those seeking a culturally rich urban experience.
  • Advantages: Culinary diversity, cultural hub, architectural beauty
  • Drawbacks: Limited green space, challenges with parking availability

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