8 Things Young Professionals Should Know About Living in Arlington, VA

If you’re a young professional and thinking of moving to the Arlington, VA area, you might wonder if you’ll feel comfortable there. While it can be hard to adjust to a new home, this city is full of reasons to relocate.

From the food and job options to the rich history, living in Arlington, VA presents opportunities you won’t find elsewhere. Check out these eight things you should know if you’re thinking of moving to the area.

1. Excellent Restaurants

Although it’s only 26 square miles, Arlington has a variety of tempting dining options for any palate. If you like ethnic food and exotic dishes, you’ll find some of the most authentic meals here.

You’ll also find Michelin-rated restaurants, if you’re after gourmet experiences. Check out Kapnos Taverna, their Greek cuisine fit for foodies and newbs alike. 

Other top restaurants include Cheesetique on Campbell Avenue and Lyon Hall on Washington Boulevard. Both are great places to find soothing comfort food with excellent flavor, as well as a warm, friendly atmosphere.

2. Fun Nightlife Options

You won’t easily get bored in Arlington, with energetic clubs and bars all over the place. Sophisticated bars like Utahime, with the excellent sushi, will make you feel young and alive. Other places, like Don Tito, provide authentic Mexican food and a great atmosphere with their rooftop deck and cantina feel.

For dance clubs, Arlington has a lot to offer. The Lot has a beach party feel, while the Diva Lounge has a more traditional club setting. The G.O.A.T. is more of a sports bar, but their vintage arcade games offer something extra for those who aren’t drawn to the dance floor.

3. Classy Apartment Buildings

Finding the right place can sometimes present a challenge, especially when you’re moving to a new area and don’t know the neighborhoods yet. In Arlington, there isn’t as much of a challenge. The area has a lower crime rate than two-thirds of the country and hardly any unemployment. 

No matter where you choose to live in Arlington, you’ll find great apartment options, and some that come furnished. You won’t have to move a big load across the country if you rent a fully-decorated condo or loft.

Some of the GoRemy song “Arlington” still rings true today, even ten years after its debut. The brick streets, the Starbucks locations everywhere, and the nice neighborhoods that are the focus of the song’s satire are part of the draw for young professionals.

4. Living in Arlington, VA: Access to Washington, D.C.

The proximity to the capital makes air travel easy, as well as any kind of public transportation. Daily commutes aren’t a problem on the train, although traffic can be horrendous if you’re driving.

Arlington and Washington, D.C. both ranked high on a list of top cities for recent graduates. With their high percentage of educated people and average age of residents in their mid-thirties, young professionals have obviously found a home and a purpose in the area.

5. Music Venues for Any Genre

If you like music, then you’ll appreciate Arlington’s music scene. The city is home to the Stone Room Concerts, as well as The State Theatre and Gypsy Sally’s.

The Anthem and JV’s Restaurant also host live bands most (if not all) nights of the week, with great acoustics. For anyone wanting to find local up-and-coming musicians, the options in Arlington are unrivaled.

6. Top Businesses Call Arlington Home

There are plenty of jobs in the Arlington area, about a third of which are government positions. The rest are made up of other jobs, some at big companies you may have heard of. Lockheed Martin, Deloitte, Bloomberg, Rosetta Stone, and so many more found a home on Arlington’s streets.

The Pentagon is in Arlington, along with the U.S. Marines headquarters. It’s not unlikely you’ll see congresspeople and senators at the coffee shop down the street. If you like being in the midst of history in the making, this is a great place to live.

7. A Rich History

Modern history in the making isn’t the only kind in town. Arlington is full of rich American history, with somber sites like the Arlington National Cemetery.

The Arlington Historical Society works to preserve other sites, too. The Ball-Sellers House was one of the earliest homes in the area. Many such sites ceased to stand after troops occupied the area during the Civil War.

Yet there are still plenty of museums to visit when you’re not at work. There’s the Newseum, which tells the behind-the-scenes story of how news is made. The Hume School shares the story of how progressive the state has been since its early adoption of school integration.

8. Natural Diversity

Diversity remains a priority for Arlington. The population is full of people from all nationalities, representing well over a hundred different countries.

There are over 200,000 people, and almost a quarter of them were born outside the U.S. The most common birthplaces are El Salvador, India, and Mexico.

A New Home

For young professionals to find a place where they can grow and contribute doesn’t have to be a big challenge. The job and housing opportunities of living in Arlington, VA, along with vast entertainment options give you a great start.

With these eight things you know about the area, you’re ready to make an informed decision about moving to Virginia. Whether you’ll be working in D.C. or another suburb, Arlington has the charm that you want when you settle down.

For more on finding a place to live in Arlington, schedule a free consultation today.



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