Moving to Maryland? 10 Reasons You’ll Love the Old Line State

So you’re moving to Maryland. But you’re not sure you’ll feel at home there. There’s nothing to worry about. Here are 10 reasons you’ll love Maryland.

Did you know that up to 60 percent of home buyers experience anxiety about moving somewhere new?

If you’re moving to Maryland, you may be uncertain about whether you’re going to feel at home in the Old Line State.

But, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Here are the top reasons why you’re going to love Maryland. Let’s get started!

1. Well Connected to the Capital

Marylands are spoilt for choice by their central location on the East Coast. Many Maryland residents commute to work in Washington D.C. due to the one-hour ride to work.

You can work in the capital without the high real estate prices. For example, the median home sale in D.C. is $561,775 compared with $233,840 in Baltimore.

You’ll find that Maryland has excellent transport links. This includes highways, railway routes, and airports.

2. Enjoy all Four Seasons

If you’re coming from a colder or warmer climate, you’ll appreciate being able to enjoy all four seasons in Maryland.

Fall is America’s favorite season, according to surveys. This is despite the fact that the weather doesn’t change too much in many states in the US.

However, in Maryland, fall and spring are mild and comfortable with sunny spells and beautiful blossoms on the trees.

And yet, Marylanders still get to enjoy warm temperatures during the summer spells. The locals never want to vacation anywhere else during the summer months because the weather is so delightful.

Last, of all, there’s winter. While Maryland has a reputation for freezing cold winters. You may be surprised to discover that the climate around Baltimore, it remains quite tepid.

3. World-Class Healthcare

If you’re moving to a new state, it’s essential to consider the healthcare systems there.

Maryland has one of the top 10 best healthcare systems in the US. This includes nearly 50 hospitals.

The pride of the healthcare industry in Maryland is the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital. Johns Hopkins has been ranked as one of the 3 best hospitals in the US.

Maryland has around 500 physicians per 100,000 people, which is the 5th best in the country. You always know there is a doctor to treat and care for you.

4. Delicious Seafood Everywhere

Maryland is packed with foodies.

If you enjoy eating seafood, such as crabs, you’re definitely moving to the right state for you.

You don’t have to wait for the warmer months to set in to get your fill of crabs either. Marylanders enjoy seafood year round.

5. Cultural Diversity

Maryland is one of the most culturally diverse states in the US. They’re absolutely proud of their melting pot as well.

In particular, many of Maryland’s cities have vibrant communities of people from Asia and Latin America. In fact, the city of Gaithersburg has been crowned the most diverse city in the US.

As a result, Maryland is an extremely tolerant and openminded state. It doesn’t matter where you come from, it’s the fact that you call Maryland home that has value.

6. Excellent Schools and Universities

For 19 percent of home buyers, being located near a good school is the best important thing when making a decision.

If this is your priority as well, then moving to Maryland shouldn’t be a problem for you. Maryland has numerous excellent schools.

You can also choose from a number of outstanding universities. These include Loyola University, United States Naval Academy and John Hopkins.

7. Nature and Parks

What do you want to do on the weekends in Maryland?

While many people associate stunning wilderness with the West Coast of the US, the East Coast can certainly compete with the great outdoors.

You’ve got to visit the epic Blue Ridge Mountains, whereby you to take in the breathtaking views.

Don’t forget the wonderful coastline, where you can chill on the sandy beaches. You can also go camping in Greenbelt National Park.

8. The Thriving Job Market

Many people move to Maryland for employment. The best is a bonus!

When you think about tech companies, you probably don’t think about the Maryland/D.C. area.

Despite California getting all the headlines for tech and science research. Maryland is hot on the heels of The Golden State.

The state is currently growing at a faster rate than any time since 2000. Every year thousands of new jobs are created by the thriving economy.

There are also a handful of federal agencies which employ thousands of Marylanders. These include the Goddard Space Flight Center and the National Institute of Health.

Moreover, Maryland is the US’ richest state. The median household income is $75,847 per year. That’s up to 36 percent more than the national average.

9. One of the Greenest States

Maryland is also ranked as one of the greenest states in the country. According to Forbes, it has the 5th best environmental record in the US.

Moreover, Maryland has the 2nd best record in the country for green buildings. So, it’s likely that you’ll buy a home which energy efficient.

10. We’re a Happy State

As a result of all of the above factors, Marylanders are some of the happiest people around. They rank the 7th happiest state in the US.

While living in Maryland is not without challenges, most locals are happy with the direction the state is headed.

Are You Moving to Maryland?

Moving to a new state can be stressful and worrying. Am I going to fit in among the neighbors? What are we going to do in our free time?

However, if you’re moving to Maryland, you’ve got nothing to worry about. There are so many fantastic things about the state, you can be confident you’re going to happy here.

If you want to learn more about buying real estate in Maryland, check out our services for home buyers here.




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