Leaving the City: 13 of the Best Washington, DC Suburbs to Live In

Are you looking for some friendly suburbs to live in around Washington DC? Everyone knows the high popularity within the city limits. COVID-19 has caused many to seek places with more space and less congestion.

Luckily for the area, the surrounding towns give you the chance to break away from some of the craziness, while still getting the DC experience.

However, there are so many amazing suburbs to choose from, so it can be hard to know which ones are right for you.

Be sure to consider all of the different suburbs around and find the best fit for you. See below for several DC suburbs that you might be interested in for your next place of residence.

1. Arlington, Virginia

If you’re looking for a safe new town to live in, then it doesn’t get much better than Arlington, Virginia.

Arlington has a crime rate well below the national average and is one of the hottest housing beds in the entire United States.

It’s perfect for any situation: Millenials buying their first home, retirees, huge families, and so much more. It has also has a great nightlife for people of all ages to enjoy, so you’ll never run out of local bars to check out.

2. Rockville, Maryland

Are you looking for an urban vibe with a bevy of different local spots to check out at every turn? If so, then Rockville, Maryland may very well be the place for you.

The public school systems are highly-regarded and the town offers a healthy mix of diversity, making it the perfect place to raise a family.

Its crime rate is equal to the national average, so you can feel confident in the neighbors you’ll surround yourself with!

3. Fairfax, Virginia

Perhaps you want to be in the DC area, but in a great suburb that’s a bit further from the crazy DC traffic. Fairfax, Virginia is a tremendous place to look for that reason.

In fact, many businesses are establishing their headquarters in Fairfax to escape the downtown DC live, yet still remain in a close enough proximity.

Many residents that live in Fairfax own their homes and invest their time in the local scene such as family-friendly parks and restaurants that are to die for.

4. Silver Spring, Maryland

For those of you that feel called to live on the Maryland side of things, it doesn’t get much better than Silver Spring.

It’s a tremendous place for up-and-coming singles and growing families since most people in town rent, not own. It’s known for its young diversity, with residents that are active and outgoing.

Better yet, it has that hipster-urban feel that many young professionals flock to in this day in age. If you’re looking for a modern city to buy a home in, then you should definitely give Silver Spring a look!

5. Ashburn, Virginia

Speaking of modern, you won’t find a city more tech-friendly than Ashburn, Virginia, a city that’s been titled “the bullseye of America’s internet”.

It’s tech-savvy residents take to the streets, bolstering one of the biggest tech centers not just in the United States, but in the entire world.

Because of that, it has a high population rate and is a favorite living spot among the residents of Washington DC.

The 44-minute drive from Ashburn to DC makes it a great place to stay out of the way of DC life, yet still, be close enough to take over downtown DC on occasion.

6. Gaithersburg, Maryland

Many people reading this article are looking for a place that provides the best of both worlds: close enough for a commute to DC, but dense enough to be its own town.

Gaithersburg, Maryland is a favorite spot for many due to it’s proximity to downtown Washington DC. It also has a great alternative for your driving commute in the form of the Shady Grove Metro Stop.

The crime rate in Gaithersburg is much lower than the national average and has tremendous public school options for your kids.

7. Annandale, Virginia

Annandale is only 18 minutes away from downtown DC, however, it feels like an entirely different world.

It has many different community attractions such as the Hidden Oaks Nature Center, Lake Accotink Park, Mason District Park, and Green Spring Gardens. All of which exude the historic beauty that makes this town so special.

You’ll notice that, despite the heavy history, Annandale attracts a very young crowd due to being so close to DC. Many people love the nightlife scene, which is subtle, yet exciting!

8. Germantown, Maryland

While it might be a bit further away from DC than some on this list, Germantown is a location you should heavily consider.

It has a wealth of natural beauty surrounding it in the form of Fountain Hills Local Park, Black Hill Regional Park, and the Seneca Creek State Park. It also has the ever-inspiring BlackRock Center for Arts.

Germantown, as the name would imply, is all about supporting the community within itself. It’s a great place to venture away from the DC vibe, while also being close enough to it for all the amazing benefits that downtown DC has to offer.

Give All of These DC Suburbs a Consideration!

Truth be told, you can’t go wrong choosing any of the DC suburbs on this list. However, there are some that will fit yourself and your family better than others.

If you’re buying the new house before selling your current one, be sure to read this in-depth home-selling guide for more tips.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further!



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