Planning a Move to Maryland? Here Are 9 Fun Things to Do in Bethesda

If you decide to move to Maryland, you’ll want to consider moving to Bethesda. Located in the southern region of¬†the prominent Montgomery County, this is one of the country’s most prosperous communities.

It is located near our nation’s capital, and as such, has tremendous affluence. It has prospered for decades and is now a sophisticated urban city.

If you do decide to make the move to the area, you’ll be wondering about the best things to do in Bethesda.

We’ve done the research and found that this community has a lot to offer.

The Best Things to Do in Bethesda

If you find your new home in Bethesda, there will be no shortage of exciting attractions and activities.

Here are the things you’ll love to do in Bethesda:

1. Strathmore

Strathmore is a popular non-profit arts venue that often puts on many stellar musical performances at the Bethesda Music Center.

Stop by and you’ll enjoy a plethora of musical performances across the genres. The music venue also has performances from renowned groups such as The National Philharmonic and the Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra.

When you are in the mood for some culture, you can always stop by the Strathmore.

2. Cabin John Regional Park

Of course, no community is complete without a beautiful park where the community can convene. Bethesda has such a park in the shape of Cabin John Regional Park.

It has stunning nature with acres of grass and enchanting trees. It is a great place to rest, enjoy a picnic, or enjoy the natural beauty that Maryland has to offer. But the park is also a great central point for recreation.

The park includes an ice skating rink, a tennis center, a Tai Chi court, and a campground. If you’ll be bringing your dog with you to Bethesda, you’ll find an accommodating dog park within the larger park area.

For fun with large groups, there are pavilions fully equipped with grills. There are plenty of tables for picnics and many snack bars if you need to replenish! The park also has hiking and biking trails.

3. Round House Theater

No great community exists without a venue for children and teenagers to develop themselves. The Round House Theater engages the youth of Bethesda in the performing arts. The youth, in turn, hold performances for the Bethesda community.

At times, the youth who participate get to act along with seasoned performers and perform in large-scale productions.

The theater is within walking distance of many restaurants and is a great attraction for a night out with friends, family, or a date.

4. Bethesda Salt Cave

Even in a thriving and urban community, you want a place to get away from it all. You want a corner where you can relax. The Bethesda Salt Cave is the perfect place for winding down.

It is modeled after a quintessential Himalayan Salt Cave. The Salt Cave is used for therapy – as breathing in the salty air has many therapeutic benefits.

These include improving sleep, alleviating asthma and allergy complications, and can improve the function of your lungs. Whether it can help you or not, the cave is a beautiful sight and one can truly feel relaxed inside them.

You can request a private session or participate in any of the public sessions. There are also essential oils workshops, meditation sessions, and yoga classes.

5. Kidville

If you come to Bethesda with young children, there’s a place for them at Kidville. Kidville is a center for young children with high bouts of energy.

There are gym areas for children to play in. For more structured play, there are classes and programs for the kids. The center also offers an alternative system to pre-school that consists of many camps with a variety of subjects.

You can also reserve spaces within Kidville for children’s birthday parties and other celebrations.

6. Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club

This trendy nightclub is the best place to enjoy a delicious dinner along with music played by world-class musicians.

Every night you and your friends, family, or date will be able to enjoy a blues or jazz performance by a different artist. The menu also is able to cater to a variety of appetites and palates.

If you want a more lively experience, there is also a dance floor open during designated dance nights. The club can also be reserved for private events.

7. Ratner Museum

The museum features an abundance of artifacts from Jewish history. It has collections of Philip Ratner’s sculptures as well as books, photographs, and paintings from other aspects of Jewish culture.

One can also learn about American history at the Ratner Museum. It has a variety of exhibitions that tell our nation’s unique history including collections relating to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

8. Food, Wine, and Co.

This is a great upscale restaurant that adds to the elegance of Bethesda. The atmosphere is relaxed. But the food is upscale and of the highest quality.

Whether you want a snack and a glass of wine after work or want to enjoy a meal during a romantic evening, this restaurant has it all. There is a variety of different meals all hand prepared by Chef Michael Harr and his team.

There is also an extensive list of fine wines and craft beers. The restaurant is a favorite among residents and visitors to Bethesda. If you move into the area, we are sure that Food, Wine, and Co. will become one of your favorite spots.

9. Gringos and Mariachis

This restaurant is an upscale Mexican cantina and another favorite among Bethesda locals. Stop by for delicious tacos, enchiladas, and nachos.

And for drinking, they’ve got the best margaritas and tequila’s in town! The atmosphere of the restaurant is lively and is a great place when you need to have fun after a hectic week.

Whether you want to have lunch with the family, need to grab a bite during your lunch break, or want a wild night with friends, this place has something for everyone.

See You in Bethesda

Now that you know the most fun things to do in Bethesda, we hope to see you there soon!

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