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Danielle Balkin

Commercial Real Estate Advisor

About Danielle

Danielle brings over 20 years of sales and customer service experience to ONE Street Commercial Properties. She is a veteran of the office space leasing sector and there is not any aspect of the process in which she has not been involved. In addition, she is a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers, which gives her a unique perspective on the future growth of the retail market. In her 7 years as a real estate advisor, she has successfully helped her clients lease office, sell vineyards, and her deep retail knowledge even allowed her to assist a national entertainment brand repurpose 500,000 sq ft of mall, which landed Danielle the Most Unique Deal of the Year award in 2020 awarded by the Frederick County Office of Economic Development. As an environmentally conscious and business savvy broker, she was able to broker clean energy solutions for her landlord-client thereby monetizing 100,000 sq/ft rooftop with a long-term Green Solar lease program.

When not assisting her clients, Danielle loves cooking, gardening, riding bikes and being outdoors. This love of nature led Danielle to find ways she could grow her voice and advocate for the environment. Specifically, Danielle is the current reigning Mrs. Mid-Atlantic Earth! Danielle’s husband and twins are immensely proud of her work to keep Mother Earth clean for all.