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About Black Salt

Black Salt Home Design, located in Kensington, MD, just outside Washington DC, is a full-service residential interior design firm. With a firm belief in creating a collaborative experience, the team works closely with clients, blending organic design elements with personal aesthetics to craft homes that are not only beautiful but also therapeutic and truly unique.

Understanding the client’s specific functional needs, discerning their vision of a beautiful home, and then creating a detailed plan that fits both their budget and dreams is paramount. Black Salt Home Design uses natural organic colors and textures, creating inviting, cohesive, and timeless spaces through neutral muted color palettes.

The designs are purposeful and built to last, yet flexible enough to accommodate personal heirlooms, trendier accessories, or treasures collected from travels. The ultimate goal of Black Salt Home Design is to provide a custom look that is thoughtful, personal, and beautifully unique to each client.