Yasseen Elagazy

Real Estate Agent

Licensed Realtor® in DC // VA //

About Yasseen

Born in Northern Virginia, with an Egyptian background, Yasseen was raised by a family full of realtors. As a result, Yasseen developed a passion for real estate at an early age and, in particular, loves the idea of assisting people in making one of the most significant purchases of their lives.

Before starting real estate, Yasseen was a successful soccer player and played for various clubs like DC United. His aspirations were short-lived due to a career-ending injury, but fortunately, Yasseen was able to pivot quickly to his beloved real estate industry. Yasseen quickly got his license, affiliated with a firm, and began marketing himself through social media.  As Yasseen puts it, “blessings come in many shapes and forms, and I always believed my purpose involved helping people.”