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Kalena Alam

Real Estate Agent

Licensed Realtor® in DC // MD // VA //

About Kalena

Kalena is a passionate, dedicated service provider who lives her life by the motto, “BE BETTER, BE MORE, DO MORE.“ Nothing excites her more than meeting new people and learning their stories. As part of her bigger mission and goals, she knows that ‘home’ is not something everyone has the ability to be blessed with and is working towards partnering with Non Profit Organizations that assists children.

Her natural talent is making the mundane FUN and meeting clients wherever they are on their journey, to place them in their dream home; a foundational place of safety and certainty.

FUN FACTS: Kalena has run the Honolulu Marathon, hiked 10 miles to camp in the Grand Canyon, never misses an opportunity to laugh, and studied languages in college. Be sure to ask her about HOW she studied German and Russian!